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Collège Dr Cécile Mboyo pays particular attention to reading. This is one of the main axes of its educational project: LEARNING TO LEARN and GIVING A TASTE FOR READING.

Reading develops children's imagination and creativity. It allows you to get out of ignorance and open up to the world.  Reading is a tool for acquiring autonomy and critical thinking. 


The Documentation Center Library of Dr Cécile Mboyo College is called CHEIKH ANTA DIOP Library.

It is a small school-sized library that is stocked with a variety of books. It is accessible to students and their siblings not enrolled in the establishment. Access is conditioned by the presentation of the library card, which is nominative.

Kindergarten students have a relocated reading space reserved for them, called "KIMPA VITA Space", conducive to their discovery of books and reading.  

The opening hours are:

- in the morning from 7am to 12.30pm. 

- 3 afternoons per week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

- Saturday morning from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., every other week

Several activities to animate the library are on the program: "First edition of reading champions", signing sessions, board games, traditional storytelling workshops, drawing workshops...

Raising parents' awareness of the importance of reading and involving teachers are essential to the success of the project:

- Meetings with parents to explain the benefits of reading and its positive impact on student development will be planned throughout the school year. 

Useful links:


- MABIKI Editions:


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- UNESCO: "The mother tongue at school is crucial"

- Books: "Cheikh Anta Diop explained to teenagers" - Doumbi-Fakoly

          " Negro Nations and Culture: From Egyptian Negro Antiquity to the Cultural Problems of Africa Black  today" - Cheikh Anta Diop


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