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The Collège Dr Cécile Mboyo in collaboration with ASBL Yes!AfriCan is setting up a multilingual teaching based on lingala. 


The aim is to provide qualit teaching in the pupil's mother tongue (lingala), to facilitate learning, promote cultural values and identity and strengthen the student's



Lingala and non-linguistic disciplines are taught  by trained teachers with excellent proficiency in lingala. 

French and english are also taught in kindergarten as complementary language disciplines. Multilinguism, strongly recommended, allows an opening to the world. 


Specific enrichment activities are planned, including, the school garden, sel-esteem classes, music workshops and reading worshops.


Kindergarten and primary school classes are open for the 2023 - 2024  school year.


You have the possibility to support this project in the form of donation, for example, for the production of teaching materials, or in the form of sponsorship of one or more students.

Simply contact management: direction@collegedrcecilemboyo


"AFRICAN SUMMER SCHOOL DRC - First edition ''  

The Collège Dr Cécile Mboyo joins African Summer School International and Collectif Ekolo for the African Summer School DRC - First edition.


To raise the African historical awareness of students through educational worshops led by teachers trained in history according to the vision of Pr Cheikh Anta Diop.


We are convinced tha this awakening, from an early age, through structured education, will help these children in their personal construction and will help them to become proud, awake, conscious and committed adults .

The African Summer School RDC, a training program for teachers that will allow them, in a second step, to develop the didactic materials to facilitate the pedagogical workshops during the school year.


These educational workshops are in support of the congolese school program.


The implementationof a school vegetable garden is also planned to help students acquire agricultural skills in their environment. 


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