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The educational project defines all the values, the choices of society and the references from which an organizing power or a body of representation and coordination of the organizing powers defines its educational objectives.

The Dr Cécile Mboyo College wants:

-      Promote pride in Congolese and African origins, self-confidence, self-esteem and personal development for each of the students.

-         Promote respect for men, women and children, with reference to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (December 10, 1948) and to the Declaration of the Rights of the Child (November 20, 1959).

-       Encourage all students to appropriate knowledge and acquire skills which will enable them to learn throughout their lives and to take an active place in economic, social and cultural life.

-         Prepare all students to be responsible citizens with a critical mind, with a national sense and cultural pride, active and driving forces in a constantly evolving society, capable of contributing to the development of a democratic, united, pluralist, open society to the world and respectful of the environment.

-         Ensure equal opportunities for social emancipation for all students.

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