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The Dr Cécile Mboyo College was founded in 1996 by Mrs. Cécile Mboyo and Mr. Pierre-Michel Guillaume. The school was called "  Isidore Bakanja School Complex  "

In 2008, to honor the memory of Madame Cécile Mboyo, who died in 2006, the school changed its name  : "  College Dr Cécile Mboyo  ".


Dr Cécile Mboyo, pediatrician, was a determined and committed Congolese woman who worked for her country, especially for women and health. His personal motto was  "  LOLENDO MPE MOLENDE NA MOKILI OYO! '' (PRIDE AND PERSEVERANCE IN THIS WORLD!)

In 2019, the school renews itself and takes on a new development under the impetus of the new direction: elaboration of an ambitious educational project, endowment of a quality teaching material, learning English from kindergarten, development of the library documentation centre, organization of educational field trips,..

Dr Cécile Mboyo College  wants to offer children an education of excellence  accessible from kindergarten and be a reference in the field. To train today for tomorrow people who are proud, committed and equipped to face the challenges of society and the world.

The school's motto is: "AIMING FOR EXCELLENCE!"

Our school 

bâtiment 1 et 2.jpeg
Our Buildings
Cour de récré cocem 3.jpg

Under development

IMG-20220221-WA0003 (1).jpg
Primary class

Reading aloud

Bibiothèque Cheikh Anta Diop - COCEM.jpeg
School library


8 - classe mat 3  petits groupes_edited.jpg
Kindergarten class

Work in small groups

salle informatique 2.jpeg
Rainwater collection tanks


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