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The main mission of kindergarten is to make children want to go to school to learn, affirm and develop their personality in an appropriate and caring environment.


At Collège Dr Cécile Mboyo, kindergarten education focuses on 5 areas of learning during which the simulation and manipulation of real objects are privileged:

  • Language 

  • Mathematics

  • physical activities

  • artistic activities

  • The discovery of the world

and on 6 attitudes or keys:

  • love to learn

  • Have a critical mind

  • Develop your creativity

  • Ability to cooperate with others

  • Living critically: taking care of yourself, others and your environment.

Specific enrichment activities are planned:

  • Lessons on Congolese and African heritage

  • Percussion

  • Gardening

  • Outdoor games


Lingala, a Congolese language commonly spoken in Kinshasa, is also used in learning.  

The learning of English is offered from the first kindergarten. The earlier a child is exposed to a foreign language, the greater their ability to understand and express themselves later in that language.

Educational school outings are planned to allow kindergarten students to discover their environment, including artistic and cultural ones.

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