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Organizational chart


Our educational community is made up of:

- the Principal who is the head of the establishment,

- the director of the nursery and primary sections,

- teachers,  

- assistants,

- catering staff,

- maintenance and security staff,

- administrative staff,

- external collaborators,

- the parents' committee.

The Dr Cécile Mboyo College welcomes children from the first kindergarten to the seventh primary. The reception capacity is 345 pupils (25 pupils per class in nursery school and 35 pupils per class in primary school).


Dr Cécile Mboyo College wants to teach each student to strive for excellence in everything he does.  by working methodically, by developing intellectual rigor and concern for precision, by seeking quality in one's work and by having a taste for going beyond, by developing the maximum of one's potential, by developing a critical mind, reflection and discernment, working as a team and putting one's talent at the service of others.

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