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The College Dr Cécile Mboyo is listening to any partnership or action that would fit into its various projects: donations, student sponsorship, social action projects, sharing of know-how, educational projects including the production of didactic materials...


The Collège Dr Cécile Mboyo has the ambition to develop its social component in order to allow disadvantaged or numerous families to continue their schooling in the institution by partly covering the tuition fees.  

In concrete terms:

- Since the 2019 - 2020 school year, the minerval is free in the kindergarten section to promote this cycle.

- Each year, the school pays the full cost of a family in financial difficulties.


- Large families receive a 10% reduction in tuition fees from the fifth child onwards.


Our goal is to increase the proportion of students supported by our school to 10 - 15% of the total enrolment. 

You can sponsor one or more students from disadvantaged families or make a one-time donation. In this way, you will help to give these children opportunities for social emancipation. 

For any partnership proposal, donations, sponsorships, social and cultural action projects, educational projects... we invite you to contact the school management via its email: or

Our bank details:

Dr Cécile Mboyo College


IBAN: 05100 05101 01085007401 85


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